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Energy Healing


One to One Treatments

Based at Hackney Healing Space in Clapton, Hackney, Louise offers Shamanic healing, a powerful practice helping you regain balance and harmony. Louise channels energy using hands-on techniques whilst incorporating sound healing. 

The sound healing practised by Louise has its roots in both Celtic and Taoist healing forms, combining sound tones and breath. The healing sessions work on your energy fields - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - helping to release blocks and allowing you to re-integrate and re-balance these different energetic states.


Louise incorporates Regression and Soul Retrieval into her practice when needed, supporting you to journey within to explore unhelpful thought patterns, subconscious blocks, or feelings of fragmentation. Such journeying can provide insight and enlightenment and can have very powerful results, helping to release limitations and creating a sense of wholeness once again.

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