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Energy Healing

My Story

Louise believes that everyone has the power to heal themselves. A trained and experienced Shamanic healer, Louise discovered the power of energy healing during her own journey to wellness. She now shares this transformative practice with others, helping them to access their own inner strength and healing potential. She offers a range of treatments to support your healing journey and help you find balance and vitality in mind, body and spirit. 

Louise is a healer, singer and musician. She has used singing to help people in different settings, supporting those in the community with mental health difficulties and working in prisons with the NHS. Sound healing is a central aspect of Louise's work and utilising this within Shamanic healing is key to her process. 

Louise trained in Reiki Level 1 in Goa in 2006 where she experienced a powerful Kundalini awakening. She later trained in Karuna Reiki Level 2 with Valerye Dayton and Gaia Healing with Lara Waldman. During Lockdown Louise began to experience increasingly strong physical energy in her 3rd eye. Louise realised that she needed to develop her healing path and completed her training in Shamanic healing with Jay and Kestrel Oakwood at the Bridget Healing Centre. She continues a daily practice of her own in Shamanic healing, both to support herself and to strengthen her ability to support others.


Louise has completed a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is currently training in Psychotherapy in order to deepen her practise as a healer.

Louise is following in the path of her maternal Irish heritage; her great-grandmother was a medium and healer, and her grandmother followed in this tradition.

Holding Hands
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